Dusky drop eight hour set on Soundcloud

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London duo Dusky have dropped an eight hour live set on their Soundcloud page. The all nighter was recorded at the Oval Space in London last month and is a pretty awesome ride through a wild variety of electronic music.

Part 1 of 2 sees the boys slowly building from soundtrack and downtempo stuff to captivating deep house, with some serious floorburners thrown in for good measure. On the second part of the eight hour trip they go all out with a selection of classic rave cuts like Cybersonik’s ‘Technarchy’. Outlander’s ‘Vamp’, LFO’s ‘LFO’ and timeless Chicago joints by Armando and Maurice.

As a bonus, the duo has gone through the trouble of creating a playlist on their Spotify page, so you can see exactly what they’ve been up to on that night in October. Dusky: “It was a massively special night for us, one of the best DJ experiences we have had and something we want to repeat on a regular basis. Enjoy.”

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