Edge of Motion give away debut album download

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Dutch techno veterans Edge of Motion are giving away free downloads of their debut album ‘Planet Gong Realities’ that was originally released on the legendary Djax-Up-Beats imprint in 1993. You can grab the full album here.

The Dutch duo, consisting of Dylan Hermelijn and Gert-Jan Schonewille, debuted in 1992 on Djax-Up-Beats with their legendary self-titled EP that spawned the acidic rave classic ‘Set Up 707’,  presenting their debut album for Djax a year later. ‘Planet Gong Realities’ was only released as a CD during the time and never made it to vinyl. Hermelijn, who now runs a host of imprints including 100% Pure, Intacto, Bitten and Area Remote and still releases under his moniker 2000 and One: “According to Djax owner Saskia Slegers the tracks where not really ‘DJ friendly’.”

Hermelijn: “We decided to put it up as a free download due to the fact it was only released on CD. as this is a format that’s almost dead. If you know what I mean. Furthermore we like to let the audience know we did more than our big hit ‘Set Up 707′.” Looking back, Hermelijn doesn’t have any particularly fond memories of the heydays of Edge of Motion and working on the ‘Planet Gong Realities’ album. “No, we don’t miss those times, as a matter of fact. The only memories we have of that period is of our small studio in the centre of Amsterdam, filled with roaches.”

You can download the full album here.

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