Electronic music museum MOMEM to open in Frankfurt

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German DJ and club owner Talla 2XLC is planning to open a Museum of Modern Electronic Music in Framkfurt in 2017. The museum will feature interactive exhibitions, DJ workshops and a host of live shows.

The MOMEM is set to open in 2017 and will be self-funded. The project was launched by Frankfurt techno veteran Talla 2XLC, who opened his first club back in 1984.

According to the website MOMEM will not be a museum in the classical sense. “It’s a place in the here and now. An experience that encompasses sound, fashion, instruments, apps, club culture and interaction. A lot of it stems from music. Electronic music. It’s a journey from the beginning to the now and into the future.”

The MOMEM facebook page shows a layout of the museum to be, with areas dedicated to Graphic/Design/Art, Electronic Music Styles, Wardrobe/Wearables, Global Movement, Instruments/Technology, DJ’s/Clubs/Media and History/Influences.



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