Exclusive free download: James Blake – Lindisfarne 1 (Avidus Remix)

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House Cult is proud to present a stunning remix of James Blake’s ‘Lindisfarne I’ by German duo Avidus. It’s the Kiel boys’ secret weapon – the track they have been closing all their sets with for quite a while now. Grab it below or head over to our Soundcloud Page for a full free download. And while you’re at it, check out the new video for ‘Heptachord’.

It’s been a busy summer for the up-and-coming duo, who have been gigging across Germany extensively while steadily working on new material. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch them live over the last months chances are you’ve heard them drop their beautifully crafted remix of Blake’s ‘Lindisfarne 1’ to great effect.

Avidus: “Ever since James Blake’s debut album was released in 2011, Lindisfarne I (part I) has stuck in our head. Just James’ voice through a vocoder creating such an amazing atmosphere. After a few seconds we had goosebumps all over our bodies. It took some time to finally transform the power of the original into a DJ-friendly version with more in it than just the vocal. For the last year we’ve been playing it as the closing track of our live sets and Marc has also been playing it in his DJ-sets and the reactions were just breathtaking. So we decided to finally present it to the public in the form of a free download. We realise that this remix or bootleg is no four to the floor material, but when it comes to our productions and the idea behind it, we feel it should be touching in every way.”

The duo is currently working on a plethora of new remixes and edits, as well as their second EP for Empore Music, while steadily crafting new material for their live sets. “At the moment we’re quite busy running the label and our residency at the local Luna Club in Kiel, but we’ll definitely put our minds and souls in our live-sets for the next couple of months. We’ve also scheduled some new video projects. We’ve just finished the music video for the upcoming EP by Christoph Vogel. On top of that we have some new EP’s planned on other labels. Marc is also working with Ressort Imprint, on which he will release under his techno alias Trivmph for their upcoming vinyl compilation.”

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