Exclusive House Cult Premiere: Felix Kröcher – Stars (Deeperfect)

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House Cult is proud to present the exclusive premiere of ‘Stars’ by longstanding German techno icon Felix Kröcher. ‘Stars’ is taken from the ‘Catena’ EP that’s out this week on the Italian-based Deeperfect Records.

The A-side of ‘Catena’  is a departure from Felix’s usual style and proves his ability to adapt whilst maintaining his output of hi-definition soundscapes. The track itself is a restrained and classy affair, with resonating sub bass kept aloft by driving percussion. With each sound and frequency occupying its own space, Felix has created a polished and unquestionably refined end product.

Armed with an undeniable groove, ‘Catena’ is yet another demonstration of Felix’s effortless aptitude for remaining in sync with his audience, both as a DJ and a producer. With a gradual, syncopated build punctuated by an ethereal arpeggiated lead, Felix has successfully created a track for both home and dance floor. In true Felix Kröcher style, the German maestro takes us on a dynamic electrifying journey with B-side ‘Stars’.

Complementing the subtleties of the A-side, Kröcher channels a more animated tech-house sound with ‘Stars’. Swelling pads and an echoing vocal track smoothly embed in to the listener’s consciousness whilst the 4/4 kick keeps tempo. Open hi-hats and accomplished percussion carry the track and supplement the euphoric release of tension as the track ebbs and flows. Rolling seamlessly between builds and breaks, ‘Stars’ takes the listener on an uplifting and vitalizing musical journey.

With additional remixes by Wigbert and Umberto Pagliaroli the ‘Catena’ EP will appeal to both veteran and fledging techno aficionados.

A true icon of German techno, Felix’s impeccable productions have gained him a fervent and loyal fan base around the world. Felix ’s longstanding weekly radio show on Sunshine Live and his stellar performances at some of the best venues and festivals across the world mean his already global support base is ever increasing.

‘Catena’ is out now on Deeperfect Records.


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