Exclusive Premiere: Groove Squared – I.A. (Ogopogo)

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House Cult is proud to present the exclusive premiere of ‘A.I.’, the title track of the new EP by Italian maestro Groove Squared on Brescia-based Ogopogo Records. The full EP is out on October 20.

Paco Terio or ‘Diggler’ is the driving force behind Groove Squared. Out on Brescia-born label Ogopogo Records, ‘A.I’ taps into the emotional side of house with Diggler himself describing the tracks as a result of ‘one man too romantic’.

The ‘A. I.’ EP  is an unusual house four tracker with vocals by Anita. It comes with hazey instrumentals and soulful vocals, with remixers Franz Alice Stern and Steve Hope bringing the tracks into funkier territory. You can stream the title track and sample the whole EP below.

‘A.I.’ is out through Ogopogo Records on October 20.


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