Exclusive Premiere: Lil´ Mark – Breaking Up (Apollo Music Group)

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House Cult is proud to present the full premiere of ´Breaking Up´ on Apollo Music Group, an imprint run by Chicago’s Dan X and DJ Heather and Bristol’s Lil’ Mark.

Since sharing a flat with Derrick Carter and putting out his first release with Rob Mello in 2000 Lil´ Mark has gone on to build an impressive back catalogue of releases on labels like Classic, Leftroom, Lost My Dog and Hot Waves.

His ´Vernon Park´ EP pays hommage to the classic Chicago house tradition and features a remix from The Outfit, which is a secretive alias for an established Chicago based producer with close ties to the Apollo Music Group team. With previous releases on labels like Classic and Robsoul under his main alias, this is the third time The Outfit has featured on Apollo.

´Breaking Up´ is centered around a melodic synth playing arpeggiated chords, which boils into short spells of bubbling acid as the track develops. The hypnotic groove is pushed forward by stripped back percussion that’s lead by prominent open hi-hats.

´Exploration´, the second track on the EP fuses building synth stabs with delicate textures to create something of a dream-woven landscape. The title track of the EP follows the melodic theme that runs through the release, but replaces delicate synths with the squelch of a morphing acid line. The Outfit´s remix keeps the original´s vibe, toughening up the percussion to create a dancefloor focused jacking groove.

´Vernon Park´ is out on November 25 through Apollo Music Group.

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