Fractured debuts on Planet Rhythm with two track EP

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‘Scattered / Alteration’ marks the debut of Fractured, a new Dutch duo that shares a love of insistent, droney techno while leaving ample room for seemingly spontaneous interaction between man and machine.

The unlikely duo consists of death metal icon Robbert ‘Robbe’ Kok and Rush Hour supreme digger Rogier Oostlander. Kok may be best known as the vocalist and one of the driving forces behind renowned death metal groups Disavowed and Synesis Absorption. He’s also one half of electronic duo Tangent, who released their third album ‘Collapsing Horizons’ on n5MD in September of 2016. Kok is currently working on new Tangent and Disavowed albums that are due out later this year.

Oostlander works as a vinyl archaelogist for Amsterdam’s infamous Rush Hour store. He’s also the former editor-in-chief of BG Magazine, one of the first European electronic music magazines starting out in the early nineties. Oostlander used to run Haarlem’s legendary Funky Harlem record store and has written music documentaries for Dutch TV networks.

Two years in the making, ‘Scattered / Alteration’ is a bass heavy excursion into constantly mutating drone techno territory. Check out the preview below or head over to Planet Rhythm to hear the two tracks in full.

‘Scattered / Alteration’ is out now on Planet Rhythm.

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