Fuse launches record label with Psyk EP

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Legendary Brussels club Fuse has just announced plans to launch a new record label that pays tribute to the spirit and the heart of the club and ´the thriling developments in modern techno´. The first EP comes from Spanish powerhouse producer and Non Series head honcho Psyk.

The Brussels institution plans to release music by a wide variety of artists, from local Brussels-based talent to artists that have a close connection to the club. According to the press release the Fuse label will ´provide a rich spread of material revolving around but not limited to techno, with a love of the finest club music at the heart of every signing.´

The four track Fuse debut EP by Psyk starts off with an eerie excursion into beatless sound design appropriately entitled ´First Contact´, where nervous bleeps meet with off-key string tones that call to mind uneasy sci-fi soundtracks. ´Tension´ then follows with an equally edgy line in synths, but this time they circle above a sturdy undercurrent of rhythm that demonstrates the perfect balance between impact and restraint.

´Odio´ commences the B-side with an appropriately disorientating atmosphere where tones pulse and vibrate at curious angles, rising in intensity and weirdness while the beats provide a steady anchor. Then ´Stroke´ moves in to finish the EP off with a dark, addictive combination of cyclical synths and straight-ahead drums pitched right at the heart of the night.

Strong work once again by the unstoppable Psyk, who sets out the mission for Fuse as a label perfectly, avoiding generic techno moves to say something truly original while still presenting a sound built for the club.

´First Contact´ is out on October 7th through Fuse Music.

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