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The focus in electronic music is often on steady rhythms, drops, and loud basslines nowadays. Therefore, it is a nice surprise to encounter an electronic music artist every now and then, who does not limit himself to what moves the crowd, but focuses on his own reference.

Gacha is one of those artists. His discography varies from really lush ambient sounds, to quite rhythmic dubstep and deep techno. Signed to R&S Records’ ambient-focused sub-label Apollo Records, he is one of the most promising artists in this particular genre.

Last year, the from Georgia originating Gacha, made a successful and praised remix of Four Tet’s track ‘Peace For Earth’. He also created a remix for Shadow Child and released a two-track EP on the Apollo imprint earlier on. Gacha is currently taking it up a notch, by releasing a six track EP on the Belgian label. The record is named ‘When The Watchman Saw The Light’, and it shows how diverse and skilled Gacha really is.

Four Tet – Peace For Earth (Gacha edit)

The EP kicks off with a very lush, dusty ambient track, with mysterious vocals by Natalie Beridze. A unique combination of spacy synths merge into a beautiful atmosphere. The second track is characterised by guitar strums and an offbeat rhythm while the third track is mainly built with stabby synthesizers.

The fourth track ‘Atlas’ increases in BPM’s and is complemented by the mysterious vocals by Natalie once more. The track is beautifully built, with many bells and ambient sounds. It creates a great prelude to the last two tracks of the EP.

The second-to-last track ‘Ghostly Head’ is built around an offbeat rhythm, with some interesting sounds. The record has some dub-techno influences as heard in the bass and synths. This is no surprise as the last track ‘Afterglow’ is a downright dub-techno track, which consists of punchy beats and signature techno sounds. The hi-hats and percussions do give this track a great finish.

‘When The Watchman Saw The Light’ is a very interesting record, which clearly reveals the talent of Gacha. The EP ranges from easy to listen to ambient sounds to rhythmic, danceable breakbeat and techno. Gacha definitely deserves to be acknowledged for his work, and we definitely hope to see much more of him in the near future. The EP will be available via iTunes and the Apollo Recordings online shop from the 26th of January. Meanwhile, you can already listen to the tracks on Apollo’s Soundcloud.

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