Gaspard De La Montagne – Pôle EP

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Creaked Records releases the debut EP of Swiss native Gaspard De La Montagne next week. De La Montage originates from the small city La Chaux-de-Fonds and is touring as a DJ in Switzerland since 2009.

Gaspard had an early interest in electronic music. After an exploration thru various genres he currently concentrates on dreamy atmospheres and heavy sub-bass which results in an exciting first release.

The Pôle EP contains three tracks, which immediately do give the impression that we’re dealing with an artist with outstanding qualities.

Alpes is a dreamy, melancholic track accompanied by fat sounding bass sounds and minimal percussion elements. Drops, our favorite, caught our attention due to the tasteful and serene melodies in the track. The rough percussion fuses beautifully with the organic textures. The third track; Pôle, also contains some heavier elements which create a dark atmosphere at the start of the track. Continuous evolving melodies arise later on, leading to an amazing interplay of well crafted synthesizer arpeggios and warm bass sounds.

01. Alpes
02. Drops
03. Pôle

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