Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – Revolution in the Cycles

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French-Canadian producer Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts (despite the fancy name this is actually the work of only one very talented guy) serves up three fresh slices of premium boogie house, techno soul and deepness on the Freerange label.

The former drummer who’s best known for his work for Circus Company, Oslo, Musique Risquée and Raum Musik opens his new EP for Freerange with the bumpin’ boogie house track ‘You Lost It’,  a seriously discofied percussion workout that has ‘funky’ written all over it. ‘Doughnut Jam’ combines the essence of jackin’ Chicago house with emotional Detroit techno. The result is a timeless techno soul track – our favorite track of this strong EP.

The B-side of ‘Revolution in the Cycles’ is reserved for the eleven minute long ‘Sutra’, a sultry deephouse track with warm synth sweeps, driving tribal percussion and atmospheric static effects. Great stuff all around.

‘Revolution in the Cycles’ is out now on Freerange.

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