HNQO – S’Il Vous Plait (Beef Records)

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 A few months ago we were quite impressed by HNQO’s ‘Erotic Heat’ EP on his own Playperview label. His latest effort ‘S’Il Vous Plait’ for Australian/Czech label Beef Records is yet another winner.

With ‘S’Il Vous Plait’ the Brazilian producer drifts off into melodic techhouse territory. ‘When We Are (Together)’ is a punchy yet mesmerising tech track with eighties-inspired vocal snippets snaking around a variety of hypnotic, trippy synth lines. Title track ‘S’Il Vous Plait’ moves along in the same tempo, but leaves more space for the low, pulsating bass and moody sweeps.

The atmospheric ‘Far Beyond’ rounds off this strong EP, complemented by a Markus Ferdinand remix, We prefer sticking to the original three compositions, cause HNQO is on fire right now.

‘S’Il Vous Plait’ is out on Octoner 9 through Beef Records.

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