House Cult Staff Picks 2014 # 1: Yotam Avni

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It’s been a good year for regular House Cult contributor Yotam Avni. ‘In 2014 I started out a new weekly residency at Bootleg Club in Tel-Aviv where I had the joy and privilege to host DJ’s like Dave Clarke, Len Faki, DJ Deep and Peter Van Hoesen.’

Yotam also joined the Be As One camp, signing to both the label and the DJ agency. To top it off he also signed tracks to Ovum and Non Series. ‘Let’s just say I’ve been working and partying even harder than usual.’ These are Yotam’s top picks for 2014.

1. Floorplan – Never Grow Old (Re-Plant) (M-Plant)
‘If this ain’t your pick of the year, than you must be in the wrong business.’


2. Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix) (Sei Es Drum)
‘Nothing new about it, compared to any other previous work by Ricardo, yet still the most forward thinking house music out there.’


3. Maan – Jackin Pt 2 (Non Series)
‘After first appearing on DJ Deep’s Tresor mix album in 2013, this year we finally got to know one of the greatest tracks by this brilliant Spanish producer.’


4. Efdemin – Parallaxis (The Borderline State Remix) (Dial)
‘A very odd remix choice, but one of the greatest crossover tracks between jazz and abstract electronica.’


5. Perc – Take Your Body Off (Perc Trax)
‘Move over reverbed kick-drums! Disturation is the new standard in techno!”


6. Mosca – The Greyhounds (Not So Much)
‘Somewhere between Basic Channel, Mills-oriented sci-fi and heavy raw percussion – retrofuturism at its best.’


7. Marcel Fengler – Trespass (Ostgut Ton)
‘The highest climax of this year’s best work out of the Ostgut camp.’


8. James Ruskin – Wisdom Of Youth (Blueprint)
‘Gloomy melancholic anthem that sends shivers down my spine.’


9. Joeski – All By Myself 2014 (Suara)
‘Not so far from the original and yet probably the best remake of the last ten years in house.’


10. Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Nonplus)
‘Final proof, if needed, that all you need in techno is a stripped down groove and one catchy looped vocal phrase to accompany it.´


What was the most memorable gig you played this year?
´I had my very first gig at Tresor this year, alongside Dustin Zahn and Hans Bouffmyhre. People might call it a tourist attraction, or bitch about Tresor’s glory days being in the past, but in Germany and most other parts of Europe it’s still the only place that is completely built for loud, brutal techno. Highlight of my year without a doubt.´

What’s your favorite album of 2014?
Population One (Terrence Dixon) ‎– ´Theater Of A Confused Mind´ (Rush Hour)

What was the best DJ performance you saw this year?
´Len Faki closing at Berghain was probably the longest set I have ever danced to without stopping. Danny Tenaglia at Block (Tel-Aviv) was one of the most inspirational sets I heard or danced to in a long time.´

Your favorite record label of 2014?
‘Dustin Zahn’s Enemy Records and Len Faki’s Figure were the two I played most this year.’

Other high points of 2014 for you?
‘Without a doubt the release of the TR-8.’

Find out more about Yotam’s latest release on the Be As One label here.

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