Introducing Initial Berlin

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Initial Berlin is a new label hailing from the cultural capital of the world, aiming to ‘defend open-minded techno, faithful to itself and its origins’. Its first release is a split EP that features fierce contributions by UVB, Setaoc Mass, Patrik Skoog and Echologist.

The new label is the brainchild of French DJ Julian Muller, who moved to Berlin two years ago to fully concentrate on his musical career. “Over there I got the chance to work with some really amazing clubs. Tresor gave me many opportunities I’m really grateful for.” Initial Berlin’s mission statement is to ‘defend open-minded techno, faithful to itself and its origins’, while staying fiercely independent. “We are aiming to promote artists and sounds which are more unique and to open the minds of the current techno public. We strive to be detached from the current market. We’ll distribute the records ourselves in a few European shops and through our new website. ”

Muller: “The label happened really fast, because I noticed there are a lot of talented artists out there who don’t release enough new material. We don’t want our sound to be labelled or recognizable. We’re looking for tracks that sound different.”

The first release on Initial Berlin will be available in a limited run of 500 copies, with hand painted screen printed sleeves by visual artist Franck Itow.

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