Jacksonville – Fragments EP (Inner Shift Music)

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‘Fragments’ is the seventh EP on Inner Shift Music and the full label debut of UK producer Chris Lyth, who was already featured on their recent  ‘Collective Continents EP ‘ with the excellent ‘The City Sleeps’.

Lyth is best known for his high quality deep house productions on his own Doppler imprint as Jacksonville. His first full EP for Inner Shift Music opens convincingly with the pulsating uptempo track ‘Fragment One’ with its warm pads, insistent little acid line and shimmering sweeps fading in and out, followed by the slower and slightly melancholic ‘Round Two’, that has ‘proper deep house’ written all over it.

Lyth picks up the pace again with the gorgeously swirling B1 and rounds off this near perfect EP with the deep yet stomping boogie house track ‘Round Four’. Aspiring producers take note; this is how it should be done.

Fragments is out on 30 March on Inner Shift Music.

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