Jeff Mills collaborates with Nasa on new intergalactic radio show for NTS

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It’s exactly the stuff we dream of at night: The Wizard Jeff Mills presenting a six part radio show on intergalactic theory and music in collaboration with NASA on NTS Radio. Well, the dream is real.

The new program is called ‘Outer Limits’ and focuses on ‘exploring high-level concepts in intergalactic theories, parallel realities and the intricacies of time and space’, while simultaneously showcasing some of Mills’ favorite pieces in classical, electronic and jazz music.

The first episode is available to stream on NTS Radio today (check it out here) and explores the different theories behind the strangest celestial object in the universe: the black hole. The episode is split into four different segments, titled ‘Parallel Reality’, ‘Worm Holes’, ‘Time In Reverse’ and ‘The Stand Still Of Time’, all soundtracked with original music composed by Jeff Mills and featuring performances by American pianist Kathleen Supové and British violinist Thomas Gould. The guest commentator for this episode is Dr. Jameson Graef Rollins of Caltech’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

Check out the full first episode or read more here.

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