Josh Butler – Portable EP (Cajual) / Beaverworks (Kahu)

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Josh Butler ends the year on a natural high with two great new releases – his debut for Green Velvet’s legendary Cajual imprint and part one of his vinyl only Kahu project.

The ‘Portable EP’ showcases Butler’s ability to take a classic sounding Chicago-inspired house track and freak it into oblivion. Opener ‘Black Dog’ combines a sweet, timeless house groove with cut-up vocal samples and driving percussion. On ‘House Sitting’ he injects some spaced out dub techno into a bangin’ house track, completing it by inserting spoken word snippets to great effect. ‘Portable Dub’ is great too, turning echo and a truckload of other effects into percussive elements.

‘Beaverworks’ is the first part of Butler’s three-part vinyl only series under the name Kahu. The new project draws on his experiences of Maori culture growing up in New Zealand, resulting in two intuitive techhouse tracks with raw tribal percussion. We’re having a hard time choosing here between the title track and the chunky B-side ‘Corks’ and we’re already looking forward to hearing part two in the new year.

‘Portable’ and ‘Beaverworks’ are out now.


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