Kink – Fantasia EP (Pets Recordings)

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‘Fantasia’ is Kink’s debut on Pets Recordings, but he certainly isn’t new to the label run by Catz ’n Dogz. Two years ago he helped Rachel Row with a huge remix of ‘Follow the Step’ for the label that catapulted the Bulgarian singer/songwriter straight into the limelight.

The title track of his first EP for Pets Recordings starts off as a Moroder-style cosmic disco track (with accompanying seventies space disco vocals by the aforementioned Rachel Row) but slowly morphs into a freaky techno joint. Mesmerising stuff that is sure to captivate dancefloors far and wide.

Truncate goes for a more straightforward approach, upping the tempo, looping the vocals into a filtered mantra and adding a banging kick for maximum effect.

‘Fantasia’ is out now on Pets Recordings and comes with ten vinyl-only locked grooves.

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