KiNK gives away birthday downloads

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Bulgarian electronic music wizard KiNK is giving away downloads of an unreleased Architeq remix from 2010 on his Facebook page. You can download the funky little birthday gift here.

KiNK (real name Strahil Velchev) is giving away the remix of Architeq’s 2010 track ‘Mind Games’ to celebrate his birthday. “Today I have a personal celebration, where I normally receive gifts, but as I can`t buy a drink for you all, I`ll give you something else. An unreleased remix of Architeq, an artist I love. I did it in 2010, but it didn`t come out for technical reasons. It`s freaky and deep. Enjoy, have a drink for me and see (some of) you in the weekend!”

Download KiNK’s remix of ‘Mind Games’ here.

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