Last Magpie – Separation (Hypercolour)

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After the fast paced computer madness of the latest release by the Analogue Cops and the dubby breakbeat adventures of With You it’s back to house for Hypercolour with CraigMcNamara AKA Last Magpie.

McNamara’s latest offering for Hypercolour starts off with the moody title track, that’s dominated by a wavering synth riff, rough sounding drums and melancholic strings. ‘Silver’ is a hazy and understated deep house track with foggy undertones.

‘Encounters’ somehow combines the classic deep house sound with contemporary Berlin basement production, without relying on percussion too much. The quirky and rubbery ‘UTLD3′ rounds off this slightly off-kilter EP, that’s packed with interesting sounds.

‘Sepraration’ is out on Hypercolour on July 29. Get it here.

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