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Detroit techno pioneer Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric Hood close off 2016 in style with a new Floorplan mix that showcases their trademark high energy sound, fusing elements of gospel, house, disco and techno into an explosive alloy that can drive any crowd into a frenzy.

Their brand new Floorplan mix features work from their accclaimed 2016 album ‘Victorious’, along with eight unreleased Floorplan and Robert Hood gems. You can check it out below or head over to EPM for a full download.

Floorplan first came to light in 1996 when Robert Hood used it to announce his Drama imprint with the highly sought after ‘Funky Souls’ EP that was subsequently reissued by Rush Hour in 2010. Lying dormant for over a decade, the late 2000’s saw a revitalized Hood re-establish Floorplan into what may well now be his most widely known musical outlet. This year, with his daughter Lyric making Floorplan a family affair, the duo’s ‘Victorious’ album spawned the massive single ‘Music/Tell You No Lie’, the album featuring in many ‘best of 2016’ charts.

1. Floorplan – Victorious Intro
2. Dan Beaumont – Spirit Talking (Spencer Parker Remix – Ben Sims JFF Edit)
3. Robert Hood – Form
4. Floorplan – Never Grow Old (Mark Broom Dubplate Mix)*
5. Robert Hood – Unreleased One*
6. Floorplan – Altered Ego
7. Robert Hood – Thought Process*
8. Floorplan – They Can Tell
9. Robert Hood – Unreleased Two*
10. Robert Hood – Master Jack
11. Robert Hood – Unreleased Three*
12. Floorplan – Mind Made Up*
13. Floorplan – On The Dancefloor*
14. Ben Sims – The Terrors
15. Gary Beck – Before The Crash
16. Floorplan – Spin
17. Gary Beck – Barefoot Sunday (Floorplan Remix)
18. Floorplan – He Can Save You (Remix)*
19. Floorplan – Let The Church*
20. Floorplan – Never Grow Old Outro


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