Listen to Kirk Degiorgio’s two hour homage to Bowie

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In his two-hour special for RBMA Radio Kirk Degiorgio pays homage to iconic pop star and cosmic chameleon David Bowie, who passed away yesterday. Listen here.

RBMA: “One of the world’s most instantly recognisable pop stars, David Bowie managed to morph with the times to define the zeitgeist, not just in the 60s, but through the 70s and 80s too. From intergalactic pop ballads to experimental ambient tracks to surreal arthouse movies, David Bowie is pretty much the blueprint for a cultural icon. He even dabbled in financing futures with The Bowie Bank, an enterprise that surely wasn’t wasted on his keen sense of sci-fi humor. For the next two hours Kirk Degiorgio compiles the essential tracks from the back catalogue of the cosmic chameleon.”

Check out the full tracklist:

1. Space Oddity
2. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
3. Letter To Hermione
4. All The Madmen
5. The Man Who Sold The World
6. After All
7. Changes
8. Life On Mars?
9. Oh! You Pretty Things
10. Andy Warhol (Intro)
11. Ziggy Stardust
12. Starman
13. Velvet Goldmine
14. John, I’m Only Dancing
15. Aladdin Sane
16. Rebel Rebel (US 7″ Version)
17. 1984
18. Big Brother
19. Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
20. Fame
21. Fascination
22. Right
23. Can You Hear Me?
24. Golden Years
25. Stay
26. Subterraneans
27. Sound And Vision
28. Warszawa (Intro)
29. Art Decade
30. Sense Of Doubt
31. Repetition
32. Fashion
33. Ashes To Ashes

You can listen to the full show here.

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