Lory D. – Strange Days Part 4 (Numbers)

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Here’s one we’ve been playing a lot here lately: Part 4 of the ‘Strange Days’ series on Jackmaster’s Numbers by the elusive Roman veteran maestro Lory D.

If there’s one word that best describes the Strange Days EP’s on Numbers it’s versatile – starting off with a robotic analogue acid attack on part 1, getting it on with a frantic rave sound on part 2 and venturing off with some warm and lush deephouse stuff on part three, the Italian stallion is now going full on acid with the fourth installment.

Opener ‘Bass Bam’ is our clear favourite here. An insistent 303 line, hazy vocal snippets, a killer loop and dito bassline make this an instant acid classic. The idiosyncratic ‘Game of Three Synths’ is great too, while the icey cold ‘SQ11’ closes this lovely EP in style.

Read more: check out this lovely article on Lory D by our friends over at Boiler Room.


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