ManooZ – Deeper Side EP (Soulfood)

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After two strong EP’s by De Sluwe Vos and Kindimmer the third release on Dutch raw house label Soulfood comes courtesy of Mannheim house maestro ManooZ.

Manooz makes and plays the sort of House that’s spelled with a capital H. Big, bold, straight forward House Music that recalls the heyday of the New York sound of the early to mid nineties, complete with bumpin’ basslines, hissing hi hats, warm pads and the occasional vocal sample.

His new ‘Deeper Side EP’ opens with the sparse yet pulsating title track that’s subsequently beaten into oblivion by Anthony Brooklyn, who debuted on Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! last year with the impressive ‘In My Ghetto’ EP.  The Mannheim housemeister bangs on in similar fashion with ‘High Roller’. Amsterdam bad boys U Know The Drill strip down the fierce original before they put it together again, augmented by some pots, pans and filters. Another great release from this quality label.

The ‘Deeper Side EP’ is out on April 7 through Soulfood. Pre-order at Clone here.

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