Marcel Dettmann readies new Dekmantel compilation

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Dekmantel has announced a third volume of its Selectors series, compiled by Berghain-mainstay Marcel Dettmann. The compilation focuses on Dettmann’s ‘pre-techno preferences’, featuring tracks by Front 242, Executive Slacks and Cabaret Voltaire.

Like the previous Selectors editions, the new Dekmantel compilation is not a mix CD, but a collection of tracks hand-picked by Dettmann from his own vinyl archives, remastered and occasionally reworked or re-edited by Dettmann himself, who dives deep into his musical past.

Dettmann: “It was a great opportunity to dig deeper into my own musical outlook. The tracks are from a time before I became a DJ. Music from my childhood that’s still relevant and still inspires me.”

‘Selectors 03’ is out on June 23rd through Dekmantel. Check out the tracklist below.

A1 Front 242 – Don’t Crash
A2 Force Dimension – Algorythm (Manipulating Mix)
A3 Executive Slacks – So Mote It Be
B1 Martin Dupont – The Light Goes Through My Mouth
B2 A Thunder Orchestra – Diabolical Gesture (Marcel Dettmann Edit)
C1 Twice A Man – Happy Life
C2 Cabaret Voltaire – Low Cool (Marcel Dettmann Edit)
C3 Kaa Antilope – Rise Up Helicopter, Like Bird
D1 Ministry – Same Old Madness
D2 Fad Gadget – Back To Nature


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