Marino Canal – Percolate EP (Mood Records)

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Marino Canal has been churning out great material all year, slowly but steadily building his reputation as a class producer and gifted DJ. Well, all that’s about to change with his first EP for Mood Records. We’d be very surprised if Marino didn’t break through in a major way in 2015.

Three weeks ago Marino Canal released the ‘Downtrip EP’ on Sanity Records, a steady groover that features a strong remix by Argentinean techhouse maestro Barem. With his new EP for Nicole Moubaber’s Mood Records the Ibiza resident takes things to a whole nother level.

The title track’s a big favorite here with its sharp, sizzling hi-hats and balls bouncing all over, but B-side ‘Can’t Feel’ is great too. A powerful yet understated track that perfectly showcases Canal’s irrepressible talent.

‘Percolate’ is out now on Mood Records.

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