Max Cooper gives away two six hour live sets

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Max Cooper is giving away full downloads of his recent DJ sets in London and Amsterdam through his website. You can stream the six hour sets that were part of his recent All Night Long tour below or head over to his Soundcloud page for more info.

Cooper: “The All Night Long tour has given me the opportunity to really explore the music that I love in a live setting, and experiment more than is usually possible when playing with other DJs. The sets go right through my favourite genres from ambient and post classical to downtempo, house, electronica, techno, glitch and even some of my old drum and bass records when I could get away with it.”

The hand-drawn artwork for the mix was done by Colin Droz.

Max Cooper will play Berghain on April 8, Emergence in Belfast on April 16 and Halle 02 in Heidelberg one week later, with further shows in France planned for May.

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