Me Succeeds – Rongorongo remixed (KI records)

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For the first part of the Split Series „Hamburg“ on KI records, the Hamburg based Band Me Succeeds made a remake of Arp Auberts „Actress“. In Return Arp Aubert, consisting of Mirau Label founder Stephan Lorenz, made a beautiful, dreamy remix for Me Succeeds „Riemerling“. Now the remixing goes on in full album length: after their latest long player „Rongorongo“ from 2011, which Me Succeeds released on their own imprint Isawmusic, the band returns on Ki Records with a remix album.

Eleven friends were invited to put their hands on the album’s tracks and give their interpretation. Besides a whole lot of danceable tracks you will find some broken beats and spherical electronica here, which makes this release fit in perfectly in the Ki catalogue. Under the motto „never change a running system“ Arp Aubert once again had his hands on one of the tracks, turning „Rongorongo“ into a driving techno track which is underlined by the emotional vocals of lead-singer Mohna and beautiful melodies making this remix perfect for the early hours on the dancefloor.

The Berlin based producer and DJ Iron Curtis gives the original of “Seventeen” a dubby note that is definitely special as he uses many vintage synthesizers-sounds and broken pieces of the original vocals to make this remix one of the strongest on this album. The last remix on the album was done by Greek musician Chronik, who turns „Books“ into a hymn with twisted rhythm and broken beats. It’s the perfect ending reminding us a lot of the recently on Ki released „Saints“ by Monokle. Apart from that, a few more great producers such as Tilmann Tausendfreund, Showing Off The Bling Bling, Christian Löffler, On Stop Off, My First Trumpet, Bug Lover and Suburb contributed to this Rongosium.”

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