Michael Lovatt – Liselotte (Deeper Shades of House)

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Former Hamburger Lars Behrenroth is a serious deep house trooper, hosting radio shows for almost twenty years now – his Deeper Shades radio show is now almost 500 episodes deep – and constantly pushing the genre by releasing quality records on his Deeper Shades imprint.

Release number 54 on the label is by Irish producer Michael Lovatt, who’s clearly a fan of legendary deep house producer ‘Pal’ Joey Longo. ‘Liselotte’ sounds remarkably like some of Longo’s early nineties work. Which is actually a good thing, if you ask us.

‘Get High’ is a well rounded deep house tool that’s built around a nice bouncy bassline, hushed vocal samples and a sizzling hi-hats. Title track ‘Liselotte’ starts off on a jazzy tip before sticking to a slightly slower groove that’s drenched in echo and deepness. Sweet stuff.

‘Liselotte’ is out now on Deeper Shades of House.

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