Mona Series Part 1 (Monasterio)

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The first EP on the newly founded Monasterio label aims to recreate the vibe that’s predominant at the parties hosted by the infamous Moscow techno institution; harsh, high standard peaktime techno.

Monasterio regular Oliver Deutschmann opens this mini compilation with a barren yet strong piece of claustrophobic techno that’s colder than a Siberian midwinter night, yet sets the tone perfectly for this tough EP. Monasterio resident Unbalance is up next with the percussion-heavy speaker blower ‘Revival’, that sounds like a modern Russian update of the classic works of Woody McBride and DJ Hyperactive.

Young Ukranian super talent Recid provides the undisputed highlight of this EP. ‘I Don’t Know’ starts off as a dark and minimalistic bouncer before the hypnotic Detroit synths kick in, taking the track to a whole ‘nother dimension. Percussion takes a backseat on Anastasia Kristensen’s ‘BSC’, a psychedelic and creepy early morning track that snakes around a remote bagpipe sound, refusing to settle down.

‘Mona Series Part 1’ is out on November 26 through Monasterio,


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