Monsieur Cedric – SLHS001

Monsieur Cedric

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Série Limitée Records released an absolute killer release today named SLHS001. Série Limitée Records is a label focused on quality house music. A vinyl only label pressing limited copies of underground house-music. The imprint is managed by Monsieur Cedric, Steve Frisco and Greg Erman.

Cedric Sabras aka Monsieur Cedric is a vinyl collector and world-citizen DJ for more than 15 years. Cedric is also the founder and manager of Serie Limitee Records. He’s been established in London, Tokyo, Beirut, Milan, Paris, Montreal, Cannes, Beijing, Dubai, St-Barth, Toronto and loves and spins every kind of jazz and disco-related music such as classic-house, disco, funk, deep-house, soul, garage and hip-hop.

“Anything as long as it sounds good.”

The release contains two quality tracks. ‘Tight’ starts off dark and mysterious followed by warm pads and a punchy kick which combine surprisingly well together. Our favorite track on the release is the ‘Bonus track 1’. You simply gotta love this one. The tracks burst of energy and provides you with a dose of energy right from the start. Lovely 90’s house chords combined with jazzy vocals definitely do the trick on this one. A label to watch out for in the future!

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