Neil Landstrumm gives away free downloads of 1997’s seminal Bedrooms and Cities

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Second wave UK techno pioneer Neil Landstrumm is giving away free downloads of his seminal 1997 album ‘Bedrooms and Cities’ through Wetransfer. ‘Bedrooms and Cities’ was Landstrumm’s third album and his second for Tresor.

The Scottish techno vetaran, who injected large doses of growling and grimey basslines and post-industrial debris into his breathtaking mid-to-late nineties productions for labels like Peacefrog, Mosquito and Tresor has released eleven albums so far, the last one being 2013’s ‘Dragon Under’.

Landstrumm is planning on releasing a remastered limited edition vinyl edition of ‘Bedrooms and Cities’ later this year, but decided to give away the digital vesrion in what he calls “a moment of rare benevolence.” Landstrumm: “It’s the wavs taken from the CD version, with artwork, so its full-fat quality for playing out. Not sure how long the link will last, but share as you wish till it expires. It still sounds pretty decent, I think, and was from a creative period on the mighty Tresor label. Enjoy.”

You can download the 1997 landmark album here.

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