Nina Kraviz starts new label GALAXIID

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Nina Kraviz has announced the start of a new label called GALAXIID. GALAXIID will run as a sub label of трип, illuminating the listening side of her musical taste with a focus on experimental, ambient and psychedelica.

As with трип, GALAXIID will have a strong connection to art through it’s visual identity, with all the cover artworks drawn by psychedelic artists. Aside from music releases, the label is also planning to release books from time to time, while events are planned to bring the sound of GALAXIID into the physical realm.

The initial release schedule of the new label will run hand in hand with трип. The line up so far includes works by the Russian electronic pioneers Species of Fishes and Icelandic genius Biogen (one album will be released on трип, while a compilation of his more obscure works will be released on GALAXIID). Also planned is a release of rare early Russian psychedelica from the seventies and signature psychedelic music from Japan. 

The first GALAXIID event takes place at London’s newest venue Printworks. To perform alongside her at GALAXIID, Kraviz brings together leading lights of electronics Dopplereffekt and Luke Vibert, with English pioneers 808 State, rave wild card Bjarki, Aleksi Perälä and Russian live duo PTU.

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