Octave One are back with new Ann Saunderson collabo

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Still riding high off the success of their last album but never ones to sit still, legendary Detroit techno duo Octave One are back with a new single. The Burden Brothers´ new track is called ‘Just Don’t Speak’ and features long time collaborator Ann Saunderson on vocals.

Saunderson also worked with Octave One on the now classic ‘Blackwater’, that was released in 2002. Also featured are the Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) who also collaborated on ‘Blackwater’, adding a unique twist to the track with their contemporary string ensemble.

‘Just Don’t Speak’ is a barrelling house cut with subtle but joyous piano chords rolling above fat bass. Ann Saunderson’s vocals soar as the pressure below builds. An instrumental version places even more focus on the uplifting and driving groove, and a dub version strips things back to the infectious percussion and bold drum lines, making for a more macho and physical cut.


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