Ostgut Ton announces 30 track compilation Zehn

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Ostgut Ton has announced the release of a thirty track compilation in October to celebrate its tenth anniversary. ‘Zehn’ will be released as a ten record vinyl package and triple CD.

Since its inception in 2005 the Berghain-affiliated label has released 92 12-inch EPs, twenty albums, fourteen DJ mixes, seven Unterton releases, two compilations, a 7-inch single and a cassette, The tenth anniversary compilation will feature work from Ostgun Ton regulars Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Efdemin, Function, Dinky, Answer Code Request, DVS1, Anthony Parasole, Steffi, Fiedel, Marcel Fengler and Planetary Assualt Systems (Luke Slater).

According to the label, ‘Zehn’ is “not intended to be nostalgia, not a best of ten years, not a testament of Ostgut Ton’s past. It’s an adult statement of the label’s status quo as well as a glimpse of what’s forthcoming – at the end of a decade, on the brink of the future. While the preceding anniversary compilation ‘Fünf’ was more of a conceptual release, using field recordings from inside Berghain as the source material, Zehn was conceived and commissioned with as much of creative freedom as possible for the artists involved.”

Ostgut Ton: “What this compilation intends and even more so does is showcasing the Ostgut Ton artist roster’s overall talent, consistency and quality as well as hinting towards the time to come. People familiar with Berghain and Ostgut Ton will be served with new, original music by Norman Nodge, Boris, Marcel Dettmann, Function, Nick Höppner, Answer Code Request, Fiedel, Barker & Baumecker, Anthony Parasole, L.B. Dub Corp / Planetary Assault Systems (both Luke Slater), Ryan Elliott, Len Faki, Ben Klock, Steffi, Marcel Fengler feat. Elif Biçer, Virginia, Atom™ and Tobias.”

“But ‘Zehn’ also serves as a more formal introduction for new additions to the label and Ostgut Booking agency roster such as Kobosil, Efdemin, Martyn and Etapp Kyle as well as collaborations such as DIN (Efdemin, Fengler), Doms & Deykers (Steffi, Martyn) and S/D (Slater and Dettmann). While most of the latter have already put out at least one solo record on Ostgut Ton, their tracks for ‘Zehn’ are a peak into the near future – full length albums by Kobosil, DIN and Virginia will be following in 2016. And not to forget friends and family: Dinky, DVS1, Matthew Styles, Atom™ and Substance have been invited to add an original piece, too.”

Each of the sleeves that are part of the ten record compilation contains art contributed by a different artist. The triple-CD version comes with a 28-page booklet. Check out the full tracklist as well as the artwork here.

‘Zehn’ is out on Ostgut Ton on October 30.

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