Ostgut Ton shares title track new Steffi album

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Ostgut Ton has just shared the title track from the new Steffi album that will be released on Berlin based Ostgut Ton imprint late november. ‘Power of Anonimity’ is a melancholic slice of deep electro in the finest Detroit tradition.

Power of Anonimity is Steffi’s second full length album on Ostgut Ton following 2011’s ‘Yours and Mine’. Steffi: ‘My first lp was very conceptual. It has a certain vibe that not only fits the club but also works on a stereo or in the car. I asked myself what would happen if I could produce day after day without DJ gigs and travel interrupting my flow. I wanted to work on the new album without any personal or external expectations. I intended to include electro and IDM elements as these are my roots: it’s the music that I first started djing. After almost 20 years I got the feeling that I’ve come full circle, so I wanted to make an album that I, as a DJ, would like to carry in my record bag.”

“Power of Anonimity’ will be out on november 24.


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