Petar Dundov – Sailing Off The Grid (Music Man Records)

Petar Dundov

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We just returned home after our trip to Croatia when we listened to the new album from the Croatian producer Petar Dundov. Dundov, who’s known due to his wondrous, melodically and complex techno, released his third album named ‘Sailing Off The Grid’ on Music Man Records.

After his earlier released albums ‘Escapements’ and ‘Ideas From The Pound’ the skilled producer and sound engineer returns with a unique and exciting third album. The album is more suitable for listening to at peaceful and enjoyable moments than it is for the actual dance floor, but it is a piece of well crafted music.

Dundov expands his notorious synth exploration on this album, which we loved on his previous two albums. All the tracks on the album deserve some needed time to get listened too. All the tracks do have a peaceful and subdued character. Fans of melodic tunes will definitely adore this album.

The album is just one of these albums which are meant to become a classic. We think it’s the perfect selection of tracks to set your mind at peace after an exhausting day. The third track on the album called ‘moving’ is our favorite, but it’s hard to pick a favorite from such an impressive selection of tracks, and after all, it’s a matter of personal taste.

We would like to advice to get in a comfortable seating posture, move into a relaxing surrounding, switch off your phone and take the time to enjoy this album. It’s definitely worth the time!

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