Peter van Hoesen – Seventy Secrets (Time to Express)

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‘Seventy Secrets’ is 2015’s first release by Belgian born, Berlin based Peter van Hoesen on his own Time to Express imprint. It’s currently on repeat at House Cult HQ.

The EP opens with a slice of dark ambient that was originally composed as the opening track of van Hoesen’s set at Labyrinth 2014. It’s the overture to a strong and varied EP that perfectly shows the different flavours of Van Hoesen’s production style.

‘Protagonist’ starts off as an infectious tribal tech track that’s highlighted by a pair of eerie bells that keep fading in and out, before it’s taken over by moody strings. On `Shadow Ground´shifting percussion patterns are echoed into oblivion. ‘Drift´is mainly driven by a relentlessly pounding bass drum and accompanying hihat, while the gorgeously pulsating ´Swerve Damiao´ shows van Hoesen´s experimental yet funky side. Every track´s a winner on this wonderful EP.

´Seventy Secrets´ is out on March 2nd through Time to Express.

Photo by Camille Blake.

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