Podcast 49 Nicuri

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House Cult podcast 49 was recorded by one of our favorite producers of the moment; the exceptionally gifted Nicuri. The New Jersey deep house maestro serves up a wonderfully crafted and deeply emotive mix with tracks by Dana Ruh, Conforce, Wade, Trinity, Herck, Radial & Darko Esser, Crystal Maze and Dario Zenker.

You’ve been around for quite a while, but you only started producing relatively recently. Can you tell us about your musical journey so far?

“First and foremost, thank you for having me on House Cult. To your first question it’s been somewhat challenging to say the least with having to toggle a full-time job, music and other extra-curricular activities. Still, producing is my focal point at this stage of my life.”

You were born and raised in New Jersey, once known for its lively house and garage scene (we’re thinking Blaze, Kerri Chandler and the Burrell Brothers). Is there still a lot going on there today? Do you feel connected to the current Jersey scene, if there is any?

“I’m sure Jersey still has its pocket scenes somewhere, but from what I’ve seen or heard not much. However, at this point I’m more connected globally now through the internet. Until recently, I just didn’t know how much of a scene was out there.”

You play and produce deep and intuitive house and techno with an analogue feel and melancholic and occasionally dark undertones. Is the term ‘deephouse’ something you can relate to?

“Yes, ever since I ever started listening in my youth. One of the pioneers, Larry Heard, was and is the epitome of deep house and a big influence. However, the term deep house to me is just a spectrum on a broader sense of dance music. I like to define the sound and not the term for what it is. Is the music dope or really good or not.”

How and when did you first get interested in house music?

“In the early 90’s, a great friend of mine who I went to school with got me listening when I was about thirteen of fourteen years old. He played mixed tapes from underground radio stations before we headed out skateboarding. Those tunes worked on my subconscious and it was a wrap from there on.”

What are you up to when you’re not working and/or playing and producing music?

“Either exercising, reading a book, catching up on some of my favorite tv shows or watching a boxing match on the tube. Maybe getting a deep tissue massage.”

Where do you see yourself in five years from now in music and life?

“In music, I would like to produce or co-produce with artists and producers that I’ve looked up to, but also do it as a full time hobby. In life, living on the beach for sure and maybe having my own parties. Or just maybe settle down and have children. Well, maybe I need to think it through on that latter one.”

Can you tell us a bit about the set up you used for this podcast?

“On this mix I just used my Pioneer CDJs 800s and Numark M6. I desperately needed a mixer and was strapped for cash. It did the job. Tracks I’ve used are pretty much diverse in sound to give it a different landscape. More of a journey than a mashup.”

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