Podcast 51 Avidus

Podcast 51 was recorded by German duo Avidus during their Empore labelnight at the Luna club in Kiel, hot on the heels of their much talked about James Blake remix for House Cult. It’s a beautifully emotional and ever changing round trip through the many moods of electronic music.

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Almost two weeks ago you released a stunning remix of James Blake’s ‘Lindisfarne I” through House Cult, that was subsequently picked up by the man himself. Are you pleased with the reactions so far?

“Yeah, we were overwhelmed. James Blake is one of the very few artists we deeply admire. He’s such an inspiration for us and will always be, so him posting our remix could be compared to a sort of accolade for our work and for us.”

Can you tell us a bit about the set up you used for this podcast?

“At the Empore Labelnight I was playing on two Pioneer CD-Players and two Technics turntables all into one Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus. I’m always trying to get some vinyl in the game, because it’s the medium I’m most comfortable with. But I’m not as hardcore as some of the strictly vinyl deejays are. In the end I’m confident it’s all about the selection of tracks you put in your set.”

How do you guys usually work together? Who does what in Avidus?

“We both play instruments and try to create things together. The ideas behind our productions are contributed by both of us, but when it comes to mixing and the final touches, Fritz is the man who spends night after night in the studio to get the Avidus sound. When it comes to deejaying, that was always completely my part. We also did a couple of live acts together, because when you break it down that’s what we are – musicians! I’m also quite busy with the label.”

What projects are you currently working on?

“The main project for us now is our next EP on Empore Music and some demos for friends. Furthermore we’re planning all of the releases of 2016 on Empore, which is quite a lot of info to gather. When we’re finished with that we will be concentrating on our new live show.”

You are based in Kiel. Is there a scene to speak of there?

“I wouldn’t say there’s a big scene or even a good scene in Kiel. It’s more of a melting pot of numerous creative people in and around the Luna Club which stands as one of the main parts of the house scene in Kiel for fifteen years now. There is a lot of history there and to learn from the people who were there from the beginning is priceless. I also think that it doesn’t matter where you live these times. It’s all about networking, social networks, ambitious people and artists. With enough hard work and quality you can reach anything. Even with Kiel as a home base.”

What are you up to when you’re not playing or producing music?

“Fritz is totally focused on music. He sometimes works as a barkeeper at Luna Club. We both live together above the club in a shared apartment with our good friend Valiete, from whom you will also hear a lot through Empore. I’m actually doing my apprenticeship at the firm behind Luna Club. It’s a great opportunity to get a view behind the scenes of a night club, putting together the monthly program, working and being in contact with all of the residents, booking artists and creating innovative new club nights as well as monitoring everything through social media. But I also try to get an allround image of a club, so I’m also doing facility stuff like building a new bar and painting the front of the club completely grey.”

All your work so far seems to have deeply emotional undertones. Is that something you’re actively going for?

“Well, music is emotional for us. There’s no other way to express so much feeling without the use of words. We don’t need to produce one tool track after another, because there are people in the world that are already doing that perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, no judgement here. But we define ourselves as artists who create complete images in the form of tracks and if it’s meant to be sad, it sounds melancholic. When it’s meant to sound happy, it sounds euphoric. To create and transfer emotions through house and techno music as a live act or as a DJ for many hours, is what separates great artists from the big mass of artists out there. And being one of those artists, that’s what we’re actually going for.”


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