Podcast 52 Inxec & dj-Vox

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Podcast 52 is a joint mix from Inxec and dj-Vox, who’ve just dropped a new EP on the London-based East Recordings imprint. For its seventh release US DJ/Producer dj-Vox provides two original slices of house, with the title track ‘Seven Sevenths’ taking the deeper route and B-side ‘Offa’ proving itself as an explosive piece of jacking techhouse. Inxec (Cocoon/Crosstown Rebels/Get Physical/Leftroom) delivers a spaced out remix of the title track.

On their exclusive joint podcast for House Cult Inxec guides us through the first half of the sonic journey and dj-Vox closes proceedings off in style. dj-Vox: “I learnt my craft with vinyl, but these days I’m using Serato to DJ. The mix itself was a Transatlantic affair, as I’m based in the US and Inxec lives in the UK. Inxec gets things started with his signature deep, moody techhouse sound. He’s remaining tight-lipped about the tracklist as it contains a number of edits he’s specifically crafted for his bespoke DJ sets. I can confirm though that he drops his remix of the lead track from my current ‘Seven Sevenths EP’ at the half hour mark, which was my cue to jump in and build from Inxec’s jump-off point. I keep things tech by dropping ‘Offa’ which is the B-side on the EP and then a track I’ve got coming out on Audiophile Deep called ‘Music is Not About Music’. I finish the set with my remix of Pablo del Monte’s ‘Glide Over Here’, which is out now on East Recordings and has been causing dance floor mayhem whenever I play it.”

What projects are you currently working on? Any future projects you can tell us about?
“Both Inxec and I have been really busy of late with lots of releases coming out. Inxec has a new EP out in early October called ‘Better With A Hat’ that drops on a label called Half Seas Over. Also, his new collaboration project with Mark Jenkyns, 12 Stories, has its debut EP called ‘Night Obscure’ coming out on October 23rd on Hot Creations. Then he has another EP dropping in November via Steve Lawler’s VIVa Music imprint.”
“In addition to ‘Seven Sevenths’, I have a single called ‘Music is Not About Music’ that is scheduled for release on Dallas label Audiophile Deep before the end of the year. As mentioned, it’s in this DJ mix. And then my third EP for East Recordings called ‘Nightmare’ which features a remix by Daniel Allen (BluFin) will be out in November.”

‘Seven Sevenths’ is out now on East Recordings. Get it here.

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