Podcast 53 Mallone & Arne Spremberg

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House Cult proudly presents Podcast 53 by Mallone & Arne Spremberg, the Berlin/Vienna-based duo that releases its first collaborative EP on the Schakal Recordings imprint this month.

Next week you’re releasing an EP together on Mallone’s Schakal imprint. How did you guys hook up and when and where did you decide to start working together?

“We both went to the same high school, but we really hooked up a couple of years later when we realized that we both were part of a generation of young Berlin DJs that started to surface at the time. We played a bunch of back2back sets that were all really magical. Then, after Mallone founded Schakal, we both focused a lot onto jamming and building a fitting setup for that purpose. We both knew straight away that we had a good connection when we made our first track together, which was actually ‘Minos’.”

‘Minos’ is centered around the theme of electricity. Do you consider it to be a political or message EP in any sense?

“It’s definitely not a message EP in an orthodox definition. The electricity theme comes mostly from the tension we felt while making the tracks and if you listen to both of them it tells you a lot about the state of mind we were in at the time. Nonetheless every piece of electronic music is telling an important message, be it political or psychological. The less lyrics a track’s got, the more it’s up to the listener to understand its message.”

It was recorded with analogue gear mainly. Can you tell us a bit about the equipment you used and the way you went about jamming together?

“Having a nice jam running we realized we only had three days to finish the track, since we’re not living in the same city. So what else should we do than just record the whole thing in one take? Since then this has kind of become our modus operandi for making tracks together. The setup we used for this was very basic, put powerful nonetheless. Two synths – a Moog Minitaur and a Nord Lead – sequenced by Ableton and the Arturia Beatstep being combined with two drum machines (Elektron Analog Rytm and Roland TR-8). In Tesla we wanted to give the track this wonky groove, so we recorded all drums and the midi for the main lead by hand, Arne drumming on the Elektron pads and Nick playing the master keyboard.”

You’re both known as devoted hardware addicts…

“…which is probably one of the worst fates in the world to suffer when you don’t have all that much money. This state is also known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome (or GAS).”

Can you tell us a bit about the set up and tracks you used for this podcast?

“Our setup was as basic as you can get: two CDJs, an A&H battle mixer and a fair amount of rum. The tracklist was thought up on the fly at 1 AM but luckily it was easy to go in the direction we wanted with a lot of great music upcoming in the next few months, especially on Schakal.”

What other projects are you currently working on?

“Our solo career mainly. Nick has a couple of EPs and remixes coming up in the next months on some rather interesting labels, Schakal among them naturally, and Arne is currently building a track portfolio with another analogue live project he is running in Vienna. We can’t tell you that much about it, but expect to hear a lot of good stuff from it soon enough.”

What artists (DJ’s/producers) are you into at the moment? Any talents you feel we should look out for?

“Apart from the entire Schakal roster? We’re both really really really into Fango at the moment. Lee van Dowski is also resurfacing hard as hell at the moment. Nick’s favourite is Daniel Bortz – the ‘Bella Augusta’ series is one of the greatest musical projects ever released in electronic music. while Arne is giving you a strong recommendation to take an extensive listen to CW/A. Their label Parachute is also more than worth a look.”

Anything else you want to get out there?

“This is the spot where we’re supposed to say something really deep, right? In light of the fact that our record release party in Vienna was yesterday, we are way too hungover for deepness right now. Terribly sorry for that. But we do hope you enjoy our podcast! Thanks to House Cult for having us!”

‘Minos’ is out on November 9th through Schakal Recordings.

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