Preview Erosion Flow’s debut for Martyn’s 3024

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This november Martyn’s 3024 label releases ‘Spectrums Vol 1’ by Danish producer Henrik Koefod AKA Erosion Flow. You can now stream the key track ‘Gamma’ below or on the label’s Soundcloud page.

‘Gamma’ is a rubbery yet explosive mixture of bouncy house and melodic Detroit techno. A fast paced peaktime track that’s tucked in between a quirky Mr. Oizo-style track and a moody Berlin banger on the EP that’s planned to come out late this fall.  A release that somehow reminded us of the young Neil Landstrumm when it comes to attitude – which is about as big a compliment as you can get.

‘Spectrums Vol 1’ is out through 3024 on November 9.

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