Preview Marcelus’ debut album for Tresor

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On June 3rd Tresor releases the debut album by French electronic artist Marcelus (real name Cedric Bros) after a string of high quality releases on the German techno institute, The album is called ‘Vibrations’ and features eleven new tracks.

Tresor: ‘This full length project naturally comes at a pivotal moment for Marcelus, his experiences and knowledge coming together to create a homogenous body of work reflective of his expertise as a musician so far. ‘Vibrations’ is purposefully techno oriented. It is a personal journey through his proficiency in the genre, travelling from techno to house inspired dub techno to futuristic and experimental.’

‘To calculate the dark, nonetheless melancholic energy of the record, mathematical datas of Pi and Phi were deliberately measured into some parts of the composition of each track. The result is an ever-evolving web of rhythms that redefines pre-established structures. Through its rich sonic journey ‘Vibrations’ proves, from A to F, that Marcelus is undoubtedly one of today’s most interesting and dexterous producers in the genre.’

‘Vibrations’ is out as a triple vinyl album on Tresor Records on June 3rd.


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