Preview Sigha’s new EP for Token

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After joining Token with the release of ‘Our Father’ last year, Sigha is back with another booming double A-side that showcases his signature attention to detail while exploring the concepts of purity, faith and religion.

The resounding intensity of ‘Christ Figures’ is layered with emotive and staccato melodic elements. At times distant, and then rising to the forefront of the soundscape; in their more muted moments these elements only hint at the form of a melody, their restraint heightening the track’s sense of melancholic romanticism.

On the other side, Sigha advances on the themes from the track ‘Puritan’ of his 2012 album ‘Living with Ghosts’. ‘New Puritan’ offers a similar hypnotism, with an untiring interaction between mid-range and bass that demands transfixion from the offset and retains it until the end.

‘Christ Figures’ is out on August 19 through Token Records.

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