Random Audio – New Order (Belief System)

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‘New Order’ is Random Audio’s second piece of work for Dave Ellesmere and Diego Hostettler’s Belief System imprint after last year’s wonderful ‘Engineers of the Other Space’.  It’s a seven track mini album that further explores the sonic boundaries of outer space.

Random Audio’s aesthetic is clearly based on the retro-futuristic Detroit tradition of Model 500, UR,  X-102 and Red Planet (‘music from the future with the machines from the past’, as he puts it), but the Berlin based lab rat doesn’t necessarily need beats to get his point across.

Bassdrums, snares and  kicks are of minor importance on ‘New Order’, with Random Audio relying increasingly on dense, atmospheric soundscapes and focussing on perfecting his extraterrestrial sound sketches. Science fiction, progress and technology – it’s the essence of techno in a nutshell.

‘New Order’ is out now on Belief System.

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