Ricardo Villalobos returns t0 Raum Musik with Detroit Heroes EP

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Ricardo Villalobos has just announced he’ll be releasing his first solo EP of the year so far on Raum Musik. The new EP is called ‘Detroit Heroes’ and will be out in August.

His first EP of the year arrives just over one year after his last EP for Raum, called ‘Who Are We?’. Like that EP, ‘Detroit Heroes’ comprises two side-long cuts in the Chilean-German’s trademark loopy, rhythmic style. If you’ve caught Villalobos behind the decks at some point over the last few years, chances are you’ve heard the record’s A-side cut—he’s been playing it al lot ever since it was produced it in the mid-’00s. The titles for both tunes are still to be confirmed.

Earlier Villalobos announced ‘Amnesia’, a collabo with Argenis Brito. His new EP for Raum follows releases by Julian Perez and Franco Cinelli.

‘Detroit Heroes’ is out on Raum Musik in August.

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