Kirk Degiorgio remembers Matt Cogger (1969 – 2014)

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Here at House Cult HQ we’re mourning the death of Matt Cogger aka Neuropolitique. Cogger was one of the first UK techno producers to explore a distinctly Detroit aestethic in the early nineties, releasing a string of classic UK techno records on labels like ART, Irdial, Peacefrog and New Electronica. Kirk Degiorgio pays homage to his fellow pioneer and friend, who lost his battle to cancer on Christmas Day.

‘On my first visit to Detroit, Juan Atkins and Anthony Shakir told us there was a crazy English guy who was running Transmat for Derrick May. Sure enough, in bounds this striking blond haired chap with a cockney accent. ‘Got any cigarettes?’, was his first comment. Matt Cogger was one of the first Detroit techno fans to go and seek out the makers of this inspiring music. He lived in the heart of the ghetto for a year – getting the bus everyday, with his head down trying not to attract attention. Detroit 1990 was a tough place for a skinny white English kid. Matt returned to the UK and we often shared studio equipment. Most of our collaborations ended with us crying with laughter and listening to Derek & Clive instead. Matt’s music under the name ‘Neuropolitique’ was heavily Mayday influenced but evolved into a sound as unique as Matt himself.’

Artemis (ART 1992).

‘Akin Fernandez at Irdial was an ideal person to release Matt’s material. Travelling with Matt was hilarious – we played some raves together in Brussels and visited Derrick (May, HC) when he lived in Amsterdam. The only time I’ve ever missed a flight was when Matt, an ex-travel agent, mistook the flight number for our departure time. Typical Matt. I visited him whenever possible when he left the music scene and became a barman in Soho. He was in his element – socialising with the theatre luvvies. In typical Matt style he somehow landed a job as assistant tour manager to Robbie Williams and travelled the world in private jets.’

Menage A Trois (Irdial Discs 1994).

‘We argued a lot. Matt was that kind of person. But mostly we howled with laughter. He was proper funny. There’s even a rumour that Matt was the inspiration behind the character Ebeneezer Goode by Richard West and The Shamen. We’d fallen out only very recently – Matt, an ardent royalist, had enough of me insulting the Queen. But he knew I loved him and in the last months of his life he had far more serious issues to contend with. Sadly Matt lost his battle with cancer yesterday. A true original. RIP Matt. The Music Institute awaits you.’

Now the Screens Were (New Electronica 1995).

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Rogier Oostlander

Rogier Oostlander is the former editor-in-chief of Bassic Groove Magazine, one of the first magazines worldwide dedicated to house music culture in the early nineties. He now works as a record dealer and copywriter in Haarlem, the Netherlands.