Robert Hood celebrates M-Plant anniversary with retrospective

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Robert Hood celebrates the twentiest anniversary of his M-Plant label with an extensive three cd retrospective planned for december this year. ‘M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plant Music’ features a host of re-edited classics along with new remixes and previously unreleased material. 

Robert Hood and his M-Plant label have been instrumentral in the development of minimal techno and the reinvention of Detroit techno in the nineties and beyond. ‘M-Print’ represents the past, present and future of M-Plant in typical Robert Hood fashion. “It’s more than a compilation. I wanted it to flow like a river instead of just a flashback. It represents the unfolding of a dream, it represents passion and determination to make something out of nothing, It’s like planting a seed in the ground and watching it grow over time into a beautiful tree.”

‘M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plant Music’ will be out on december 8.


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